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Zaditen 1 mg - Defiante Pharmaceutica Featured

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Zaditen 1 mg - Defiante Pharmaceutica


Also known as:

ketotifen, kedotifen, zaditen, zatiten, ketotifen hexahydrobenzyl carbonate


Anti-Histamine (oral)


1mg/tab - 30 tabs


Zaditen tablets have the active ingredient ketotifen hydrogen fumarate, that is a sedating antihistamine. Histamine is produced by the human body as part of its defense mechanism. It is stored in the mast cells, in almost all tissues of the body. When the body reacts to an unknown substance (known as allergens, for example house dust mites, pet fur), the mast cells get stimulated by the allergen and therefore release histamine. The histamine that is released binds to its receptors, and causes a chain reaction that has as a result various allergic symptoms. An increase in blood flow to the part of the allergy is caused, and other chemicals that add to the allergic response get released. As a result, we have an allergic reaction. Zaditen works in various ways. It stops the release of histamine from the mast cells and blocks H1 receptors. So, any histamine that gets released is prevented from causing an effect. While blocking the actions of histamine, Zaditen helps prevent the body from reacting to allergens that cause allergic symptoms. Zaditen is known as a sedating antihistamine because it gets into the brain and causes drowsiness.

Negative results:





2 mg/day



2 mg/day





20,00 €
Price: 20,00 €
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Name Zaditen 1 mg - Defiante Pharmaceutica
Manufacturer Defiante
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